Excursions to Kronstadt

The «Rise Bureau» agency is engaged in the professional organization of excursions for groups of all sorts and conditions to Kronshtadt and its forts. We will make exciting journey for families, small companies and individual groups. Organizing excursions, we think over every small item, making your rest not only enthralling but comfortable at the same time. While having meal and free time, that are organised during the сomplete city tour of Kronshtadt, you will have an opportunity to eat and rest where you like.

The compleх city tour of Kronshtadt and the forts of Kronshtadt

During the excursion you will observe various places of interest and visit memorial places of the city-island. There are a lot of them due to the fact that the whole epochs left their marks here. We organise comfortable transport in order to observe as many facilities as possible. During the trip you’ll be able to take vivid photos.
The excursion on water transport not only allows to feast your eyes on the forts of Kronshtadt from the outside and to listen to the bang-up stories about their history and role in defence, but also to visit one of them for 1,5 hour. We offer an opportunity to go to the fort Alexandr 1 (Pestilential). The searching experiments to find a vaccine against plague were held right here. Or you can visit the fort the Earl Milutin that played the essential role in defence of the country as before the First World War, as during it.

During the water tour you will see:

The fort The Emperor Alexander 1 that became a prototype of the well-known french fort Boyard. Here you will have an oppotunity to stroll about the ancient barracks, to visit artillety casemates, powder magazines, half-towers with the openwork flights of stairs. Breathtaking view of the Kronshtadt Harbor opens up from this point and the nearby forts are perfectly seen.


During our small «journey» into history you will observe the other forts, for instance, The Great Prince Konstantin, The Emperor Peter 1, The Emperor Pavel 1, Kronshlot and also The Earl Milutin. You will see the harbors of Kronshtadt in all beauty and also see the troop The Prince Menshikov, installations covering over south fairway, lighthouses of Kronshtadt, sea-gate (navigation pass C-1) and many other things.
The city tour of Kronshtadt
The sightseeing of Kronshtadt won’t be complete without the excursion of the city itself. Here you will observe: Kronshtadt Gostiny Dvor, The Dock Admiralty, Nameless Lane, Blue Bridge, Foot-gauge and Pavillion of Tide-gauge. You will visit the netherlandish kitchen where food for boat people, staying in the harbor of Kronshtadt, was prepared. You will see The Italian Palace and Pond, and also the monuments to P.K. Pahtusov, S.O. Makarov, Peter 1, Aivazovsky and even the monument to blockade smelt. Here you will have an opportunity to visit the exhibition of smooth-bore weapons, The Peters’s Dock, Peter’s Park, you will see warships, Ensemble of Anchor Square, ravine park, Armory of Kronshtadt, Province Houses, The House of The Earl Minih, hanging bridge, eternal flame, The Wall of Fame, Memorial battleship «October Revolution», Naval Cathedral, also singing fountain and the tree of desires.


To cover to the full all points of interest of Kronshtadt and its surburbs we prepared comfortable transport. When you execute an application for the excursion, please, specify the quantity of interested persons. We are ready to provide transport for your needs with seating capacity of 5-70 persons.

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